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Search Zimbabwe is an online portal designed to consolidate digital information for the promotion, education and entertainment of our users and members alike.

The Search Team is committed to providing accurate information for the elevation of Zimbabwe, her people, trade, industry and culture. We strive to provide the information expeditiously for your convenience. The Search Team is dedicated to providing a platform that will advance our members' businesses and further their endeavours for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Tagline :

  1. Zimbabwe Searches Right Here.

Vision :

  1. To be Zimbabwe's official digital resource centre for local content.

Mission :

  1. To be Zimbabwe's premier source for locally produced and inspired content, consolidating convenience, relevance and accuracy.

Objectives :

  1. To be Zimbabwe's preferred search engine
  2. To be the hub of digitized Zimbabwean information
  3. The centre of gathering and disseminating local content online
  4. Grant the general populous the ability to have their information at their figure tips
  5. To provide members with a platform to grow their trades


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